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Comcast offers $10 Internet access for low-income families

posted Jan 18, 2012, 7:55 PM by Wade King PTA Drive

Thanks to regulators who required low-income access when Comcast acquired NBC Universal earlier this year, families with students who receive free school lunches will now qualify for low-cost Internet access.

For students this fall, that means families with an income of about $29,000 or less would qualify for the new “Internet Essentials” program, which provides $9.95 a month broadband Internet access, vouchers for discounted $149 computers, free Norton anti-virus software, and free computer training. The program is available for families in Comcast service areas with K-12 students who don’t have current Internet service and don’t have any outstanding Comcast bills. And unlike the introductory rates advertised on TV, Comcast says the $9.95 rate won’t increase.

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