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Box Tops & Campbell's Soup

How much can you earn clipping 10-cent coupons from common grocery items?
  Our goal is $1008 this year, and with collections from the end of last year through this fall (including online shopping), we are already at $504.14!  We need $503.86 before the end of February to meet our goal.

Look for the 10-cent Box Top coupon on hundreds of your family’s favorite products from General Mills, Kleenex, Pillsbury, Nature Valley, Progresso…just to name a few. For a complete list of participating product or to shop online and earn extra money for our school, visit the Box Tops For Education site.

 Box Tops submitted in the fall (mid-October) will be credited to the school in December/January—money that benefits the current school year.  Any Box Tops received after that time will be submitted for reimbursement at the end of the school year. So clip away, but don’t save them at home too long! 

Do you shop online? Of course you do! Here's another way to support your school--through the Box Tops For Education Marketplace. Click through them first then go to your vendor. Each purchase will earn our school additional credits. Great for travel sites like Expedia and Orbitz!

Campbell’s Soup Labels

Labels for Education awards free educational equipment to schools in exchange for proofs of purchase from the Campbell family of brands.  It’s another “passive” fundraiser, only requiring families to clip and save UPCs and beverage caps from participating products like Campbell’s, V8, Prego, Pop Secret and Bic.  A complete listing of products can be found in the graphic below.  If you'd like to print a copy, there is a pdf at the bottom of this page.

Contact the committee chair(s) for more information or to volunteer.

Wade King PTA Drive,
Nov 6, 2013, 1:51 PM