Programs / Events / Community Bulletin Board

PTA programs are created to organize and support parent involvement in children’s education. At Wade King Elementary, some are initiated and organized nationally (Art Reflections), some are traditional to family-school relationships (staff appreciation), and some have evolved due to topics important to our members, at members’ requests (Chess Club, Talent Show). 

Each year our PTA reviews the programs/events on offer to ensure they still reflect the goals, values and needs of our school community.  If you have a program suggestion, we want to hear from you.  Attend a monthly business meeting, email a board member or just stop someone in the hall for a chat. 

After-school Programs

After-school enrichment programs are as popular as ever at Wade King—  Tae Kwon Do, Drama, Art, Geography, Chess and Math Olympiad, Futsal and more!  While some options are offered/sponsored by PTA and some by the school, we present them here together because we are one community working together to enrich our students' learning experiences! Look though our catalog and get registered immediately online before they get filled up!  Registration closes a week before the start of each program.

Questions?  Suggestions?  Please send us an email!

2017 Fall Program Catalog