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Remember To Say It! Day

posted Oct 8, 2013, 8:50 AM by Wade King PTA Drive

In honor of the amazing Teachers and Staff at Wade King Elementary we will be celebrating Remember to Say It! Day. What is Remember To Say It! Day you ask?... It’s the day we have designated (the 10th of each month) to remember to say those kind things you have thought about but for some reason have not said them out loud or written them on paper.

We always think, 'that was really wonderful', and 'I sure appreciate what that person did', but we often don't remember/ over think/ or just plain let it pass – and don’t tell that person the appreciation we have. Thursday will be the day to pull out a pen & paper, send an email, sing a song, write a card, however you want to Remember To Say It - it's your day… To say it how you want to Say It.

This Thursday is our first of the year to Remember To Say It! BIG or small it's just the day to say it.

We are incredibly lucky to have the phenomenal Teachers and Staff that work with our children and in turn work with us every day. Take this opportunity to write it down. Encourage your children to also express their appreciation for the people they see daily, weekly, and throughout the year.

October 10th – Remember To Say It!