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Summertime :-)

posted Jun 10, 2011, 1:03 PM by Wade King PTA Drive
Well, the end of the school year is almost upon us. We hope everyone has a happy, fun-filled, exciting, restorative, interesting, relaxing and safe summer vacation. Your PTA will be working (a little...) over the next two months establishing event dates, making plans, updating materials and preparing for another wonderful year at King Elementary.  Please visit us here now and then for updates—we are hoping to schedule some grade-level playground play-dates in both July and August, to keep kids & families connected. 

But even if you don't think about or do anything else school or PTA-related till September, please check these simple actions off your To-Do List. You will be glad you did.
  1. Check your School Messenger settings. Many district families activated their accounts, but did not take the 2nd (and REALLY key) step of clicking the "Contacts" tab.  There you will see your child's name & ID, and an EDIT option.  Click EDIT—and decide how you want information to flow to you.  Cell phones, work phones, email, text messaging.  So many options to customize for your family's needs. This is the primary communication tool used by the district, the school, and eventually the PTA—your best chance to be up to date and in the know!  Make sure you have selected "General Outreach" so that we can email newsletters right to your mailbox next year.
  2. Subscribe to the District's electronic calendar.  This icon Add to My Calendar on the right hand menu bar facilitates a sync with your own Google, Outlook, Windows Live, iCal, Yahoo, Cozi or 30 boxes calendar, automatically updating details in real time.  The link provided above takes you to the Wade King Calendar, so if you have students at other schools just change the Filter settings so that you can receive Wade King and Fairhaven, for example. 

  3. Subscribe to the RSS feed on our What's News page, and then these news updates will be delivered automatically to your mailbox or will appear on your Google, Yahoo, or other start-up page, depending on your preference.