Resources to help during COVID-19

If you haven't checked it out yet you can find all kinds of awesome information at which is a great resource that comes along with being a PTA member!

Notes From the Backpack, A PTA Podcast

  • Looking for a podcast that has lots of CURRENT information for families? This might just be the one to listen to! Covering topics such as: learning online, dealing with COVID-19 anxiety, supporting our kids Special Education, and keeping your cool with behavioral issues!

Parent and Educator Resources

  • Dealing with all that the world has been facing with issues regarding COVID-19 the European PTA has complied a helpful guide of resources that can help all parents and educators.

Bellingham School District

  • Wondering about remote learning communities or pods? Help is available! Check out:

  • Need help with childcare, meals, learning resources, or mental health and wellness? You can find lots of information and resources at: