Lice happens

Although it is not a health emergency, many families' time, emotions, and finances are burdened by lice infestation. If lice is putting a strain on your time, finances, or stress level, feel free to contact the school nurse for support as procedures are in place to help our families where we can.

You can also check out the Bellingham Public Schools advice for head lice management.

Struggling with behavior problems with your child?

At Wade King Elementary, there are several strategies used by teachers and other staff to help students with making positive decisions. Kelso's Wheel of Choices is one strategy that students begin learning when they are in kindergarten. This model helps students take steps to solve their problems independently. Check out the Positive Discipline website to see other strategies that are being implemented at school and to learn more about what you can do at home.

Positive Discipline Guidelines PDF

Are you seeking help for basic needs?

Check out Bellingham Public Schools community resources page to access the resources in our community.

Has your child been affected by an unsettling event or situation?

Learn how to talk to your children about issues that can affect their sense of security and safety by accessing Bellingham Public Schools resources for families.

How and who to contact for school feedback, questions, and concerns

Click here for directions of who you should be in contact with and how depending on the school topic(s) you wish to discuss.

Help & Hope

Does your child have a need you cannot provide, you have exhausted your resources, and the need is affecting their performance at school? Contact us to see if solutions are available through the King Help and Hope program.