Campus Volunteering

  • Classroom Volunteer- Ask your child's teacher what you can do to help out! Hanging up art work, working individually with students, reading with students, helping with special projects, or preparing materials for teaching!
  • Library - It's the little things like checking in/out books, tucking in chairs, re-shelving books, or reading with students that can make a huge difference! Your help is needed!!
  • Room Parent- Want to make a huge difference to your child's class? Check with your child's teacher to see if they would be interested in having a room parent. What do you do? Help schedule in-class volunteers, arrange for chaperones for field trips, connect parents together for play-dates. Basically, you're the one that will facilitate communication between other parents and the teacher, the PTA, and occasionally school administration!
  • Campus Beautification - Ok, so you've noticed some weeds around the front area, maybe some bushes that are overgrown, or some garbage that hasn't gotten picked up....maybe you'd be willing to help out with getting a team together to make Wade King be the beautiful school that it is!
  • Recess Volunteer- There is always staff assigned to be on the playground during recess to monitor safety, but wouldn't a few more adults watchful eyes make it a bit more safe? Maybe you also enjoy creating group games so more students have a chance to feel included. Sometimes an adult running a group game can limit the chance of bulling too! Just a person who is in charge of making sure everyone is sharing playground equipment or returning playground equipment can be super helpful!