Family Nights

  • Dessert Auction- Are you a great baker or know someone who is? We need your dessert for our annual auction that takes place in February 2020. Join us for a wonderful evening even if you would rather just bid on a dessert instead of add one to the auction! Kids love to see all the tasty treats and for those kids who help make a dessert it is fun for them to see how much money they earn for the PTA! All the funds raise for the PTA end up going right back to helping all of our students!
    • Come just to see the tasty treats
    • Leave with a dessert to bring to a friend
    • Enjoy a great PTA event with the family


  • Talent Show - Has your kid been talking about the talent show? This is a time for your child to display some of their talent that they are proud of or for your child to support a friend who is in the talent show! What a fun event to be a part of! Did we mention we can use some adult help here? Here's your chance to help make an amazing event run as smoothly as possible!
    • Help with advertising, organizing, scheduling and conducting the school Talent Show. Signup Genius will be available near the event date.


  • World Tour - This is a big event that helps bring some light to all the different things that have been learned throughout the year with the chosen country! Often celebrated with food that is from the country as well as traditional children's games, arts and crafts, and activities! This is an event that many look forward to as we take some time to not only see some of the amazing things that our children have been learning about, but also get to socialize with other families! There is a World Tour committee that discusses what kinds of activities will be held at this event and what kind of help will be needed! Look into how you can carve out a bit of time to help out for this event!
  • Here are ways that you can help:
    • Help create decorations, advertise, serve food, set up/take down event, or bus tables at our biggest event of the year. A Signup Genius will be available closer to our event date.