• Box Tops - Box Tops is now virtual which means that all those small box labels no longer need to be cut out! We can still enter and collect those that are still floating around for money for the school though until eventually those products fade out! Here's a great way to make a huge difference that is as easy as doing your shopping as usual and then simply taking a picture of your receipt from the boxtop app! Really, it's that easy! Check out the website for more details!
    • Did you know that Wade King has earned a total of $8, 049.12 total just from people like you who have taken the time to turn in box tops? WOW!
      • Now that we don't have to cut out and submit those little box tops and we can do it all digitally I'll bet we can earn a lot more!! How much do you think we can earn?
    • Want to find out what products are Box Tops products?

Download the Box Top app and start saving for Wade King!!

  • Spiritwear - Show your enthusiasm for your child's school by helping to encourage everyone to purchase and support shirts, sweatshirts, and Wade King gear! Help with collecting orders, distributing orders, and making it visually available for everyone to see!
    • Order forms will be available in September!
  • Amazon - Earn money for your school just by shopping like you normally do? Yes, it is really THAT easy! Nothing changes from your account purchases or even the look of the page! The AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.5% of the purchase price of eligible products to the charitable organization of your choice! Just select Wade King Elementary and watch throughout the year how much you can earn for your school without any extra effort!
    • Last year all who set up a Amazon Smile account to support Wade King helped to raise $755.97! Anyone can choose to support Wade King Elementary so please help spread the word and lets see if we can raise even more during the 2019-2020 school year!
  • Fred Meyer Rewards- Did you know that by linking your Fred Meyer Rewards card you can earn money for Wade King Elementary? Last year 127 households linked their cards giving the school back a whopping $668.71 in money that went towards a better educational experience for your child! Just imagine if not only every child's family at Wade King Elementary linked their cards, but they friends and other family members did as well! Check it out, it only takes a few moments!