We Will Move Mountains!

2020-2021 School Year Challenge Accepted!

Kailynn- 3rd, Ms. Smith

Alex- k, Ms. Hall

"I knew we were in the right place. Thank you, for proving us right! Thank you all, for keeping Wade King awesome!!"- Cliscia, parent of k & 3rd

Dear Wade King Staff,

This school year will no doubt be the strangest year yet! Custodians, we can thank you for a school that no doubt has never been as clean as it currently is with your endless efforts, thank you! Teachers, you are having to teach in a completely new way and have stepped up to this overwhelming task which shows your dedication and love to the students you work with, thank you. Para educators who are doing jobs that are much different then you originally signed up for such as preparing boxes of food for families instead of working directly with students and doing endless professional development...you are amazing, thank you! Our counselor, nurse, and physical & occupational therapists, thank you, for stepping up to this immense task of supporting the emotional and physical health of our students. Secretaries, you have an endless job that no doubt you are figuring out how to do differently this year, thank you! Specialists, you are having to step up your game as well with doing lesson's and activities differently and creatively as well, thank you! For those of you in the food service who are now boxing food for families and keeping our kids smiles in your head as you do it, we thank you! Administrators, I can't even imagine the amount of stress that's on your shoulders as well as the amount of sleep that you have lost, but know that you have countless families who are so extremely grateful for all your efforts and energy you put into your school, thank you!

All of you have done something very similar in one way and that is that you stepped up to this challenge! Maybe you didn't realize just how amazing you were until you were faced with this unusual situation, but here you are doing it! This is the year of figuring out just how good you actually are at giving it everything you have for the students who keep you smiling.

From the bottom of our hearts we want to thank each and every one of you for your heart warming dedication and drive to help all our students succeed!


PTA Board

"We cannot thank the Wade King teachers, administration, and support staff enough for all of your hard work and support staff enough for all of your hard work and dedication in helping to kick off the start of the school year. All of your hard work is surely being noticed and very much appreciated! As new kindergarten parents, we have no ideas what to really expect in this uncertain environment, but we feel so welcomed, supported and encouraged by Wade King so far. Thank you for all that you do." (Parents of kindergartner, Sarah and Karen)

Henry- 2nd grade, Mrs. Samuelson

Avelene- 1st, Mrs. Wermus

“Thank you” From Georgia Barbo

Gabe- 5th grade, Mrs. Foote