Equity Fund

One Schoolhouse - Our District-Wide PTA Equity Fund

Within the Bellingham School District, we act as One Schoolhouse. We believe every student in Bellingham should have access to a great education. We also know that there is great disparity among our elementary PTA's and the funds they are able to raise to support extra activities at their schools.The Bellingham Schools Foundation offered to support Bellingham Elementary School PTA’s in creating an Equity Fund. PTA’s who chose to participate, would contribute 10% of the funds raised from their big, annual fundraiser to an Equity Fund. The Equity Fund would then be redistributed to each PTA, taking into consideration the number of students in the school and the percentage of students receiving free and/or reduced lunch in each school.

At Wade King, 10% of our fundraising is approximately $2,919. That is the amount we would contribute to the Equity Fund. In addition, 17% of our 420 students receive free and/or reduced lunch. Based on those numbers, we would receive $1,398 back. This means that in the end, Wade King's PTA budget would decrease by $1,521, but students in other Bellingham Elementary schools would benefit from their PTA's having a larger budget. It is a One Schoolhouse Model!

The charts below show how contributing to the Equity Fund would impact each school's PTA. Almost every elementary school has decided to be a part! At our PTA Meeting last week, we made the decision to participate as well. If you have questions about the Equity Fund, please connect with our PTA President, Rebecca Hutchison or School Principal, Stephanie Johnson.