Looking For Ways to Help?

Volunteering in the 2020-2021 school year may look a lot different then we are all used to! If you have the capacity to do more then you already are and would like to be involved with the PTA there are several options available and we are always open to hearing your ideas! What we all know for sure is that we will all need each other's support through all of this craziness!


Social Media- Yep, we're going to need to up the social media team! We can use ideas as well as people who are willing to take on leading roles such as posting on Facebook and Instagram, making updates on this website, and keeping families informed of the latest BSD news and information. We will need at least 4-6 people to keep us all up to date!

Programs- There are 2 main groups here! After school programs are awesome to have, but without a coordinator to make that happen we don't have after school programs! HELP! Another programs job coming up with parent involvement classes that families can do virtually for fun! We need someone to help with coordinating people who are willing to teach about raising chickens, baking a delicious cake, painting a masterpiece....You get the idea! This is a fun position that a couple people working together might do best at with the coordinating!

Sponsorship/Fundraising- How does the PTA do so many amazing things for our families, staff, and students? By getting donations! Maybe you have some creative ideas for these strange times? We're all ears!!

Yes, of course there are more jobs! If you have an idea and even a bit of interest in helping then let's make you're dreams come true!

Volunteering IN the school....it will happen, so be ready when it's time!

The volunteer application for the school district can be filled out online. This online format is a one-time web-based application that requires a renewal every two years per the Washington State Patrol check (WATCH). Complete the application now so you will be ready when school starts!

Volunteer Application

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